Light Box Experiments

It’s easy to overshadow the subject in macro photography, especially indoors. Fortunately I have a Nikon Sc-17 extension cord for the flash but even with the extension sometimes I can’t light the subject from the front, the camera is in the way.

I’ve been thinking about getting a light box for a long time. Now that the 3D printer is in working order the Thingiverse opened to me. I printed thing:388182, bought some foam board and a sheet of thick paper and finally made myself a light box.

Ready to go. Easy as pie.

A first shot with the cellphone. This is a little stepper I got on Aliexpress. The shadows are the same but the background is nice. 

I had some white cloth left from the juice press project. I also bought a lamp from the local hardware store.

Another shot with the phone. I learned a couples of things about lights from this video on YouTube. Two lights about 45% behind and one overhead. That way you cut a lot of shadows. 

Time to get the Nikon 🙂 You can see slight vignetting from my custom macro lens and the background isn’t quite white. I’m happy with the image even if it’s not perfect. Moving the lamps around makes you see light and shadow in ways we don’t usually notice. I’m more aware now and hopefully my pictures are going to improve.

There are several ways to make light boxes. I felt like playing with FreeCAD so I decided to design connectors for 1/2″ wood dowels. I’m not too happy about the results, the prints crack easily along the layers (anisotropy).

With cloth on, ready to try something new.

The Trinket is a pretty board from Adafruit, I’m using it for their time lapse camera project. It seems electronics are harder to photograph, that’s the best I could do that night. More work is needed.

I got some colored papers from the local dollar store. I’ve got a macro photo book about trees and they use white backgrounds. I like dark backgrounds better. The usb connector looks out of focus a bit. On some angles the lettering on the chips become invisible.

Another try, the lettering is better but the colors are off.

I like this one. The bluish glare on the clip annoys me a bit but I’m satisfied. This is a good looking little board.

Next: more lights!

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