The Black Bread Lodge – June 2017 Part 2

The garden was built through June. Parts of it is typical (tomatoes, corn, peas, carrots , squash, etc.) But there are also grains, flowers and spices that are less usual. I lost count but must have tried over 80 different plants. Almost everything was new to me. I love first times.

Some plants didn’t do well because of slugs. Other experiments never took off because of bad timing, like lavender and camelina. I assumed that you could start seeds anytime after the last frost but as summer approaches it gets too dry. Even if the seeds germinate it is a pain in the ass to keep the sprouts alive. Too early and it’s too cold, too late and it’s too dry.

I got one surprise plant. Last fall I was cleaning the shop and found this old bag of rye. I used rye to make mushroom spawn but since the bag was several years old and I didn’t plan on growing mushrooms any time soon I threw the grain in the garden. I grabbed the bag and swung it round. A couple of days later I saw this green crescent growing through the fallen leaves.  It puzzled me at first before I realized what it was, it was very late in the season. Then Winter came and the rye was presumed dead. I was wrong.

The first chamomile flower

Beautiful chive

Comfrey lover, no idea what it is.

Baby nettle‘s first tooth

Winter Luxury Pie, really looking forward to this. I’ve never had pumpkin pie before.

Unidentified dragonfly. There were many in the garden this year.

Pak choy with flea beetles.

The mibuna was cut to make room for spinach. Bugs filled it with little holes so I froze it to use in soups.

Une petite fraise. What are these treats called in English?
This was on the 27th. The cultivated strawberries are due soon.

One of my favorite experiment, milling oats. Between the garlic and the plastic chair. In the background are peas and two more pumpkins.

Oats! So exciting 

Here is the whole garden. I ran out of chips and compost, that’s it for 2017. 

Ants LOVE wood chips. I’ve seen wood chips on anthills at least 200′ away from the nearest chipped path. That’s impressive. All those nests must be aware of each other if ants forage that far. 

The old garden is also interesting at this time.
Full of weeds and Red Russian kale in bloom.

So cute. Like small butterflies. And they taste good too.

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