Drawing Pacman

Hello World!

With dollop up and running I turned to my animator friend for inspiration. She suggested I try Pacman and I thought it was a good idea.

Pacman has a 4 step chomp cycle and for some reason I chose the dot separation to be 25. Because 4 is not a multiple of 25 I had to vary the speed of Pacman to keep it synchronized with the dot removal. Too much work to correct. I imagine this could be done much better!

I ran into issues when saving the GIF. The transition between the end of a loop and the beginning of a new one was too fast and didn’t look good. I tried adding a couple of blank frames at the end but Pillow won’t include them. I tried with GIMP and it works somewhat. The gif size it much bigger with gimp and the sprites will leave ugly trails when shared on Facebook. I ended up adding a few frames to the death animation.

Here’s the code:

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